IIFA Scholar Publishes a New Book
1 November، 2021

The General Secretariat of the International Islamic Fiqh Academy (IIFA) congratulates His Eminence Dr. Mohammed Mustafa Shuaib, Head of the Studies and Fatwas Division at the Academy, on the release of his new book: The Shariah Ruling on Epidemics and Diseases – the Emerging Coronavirus (Covid 19) as a Model, which was recently issued by the publishers (Mufakirun) in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

The book deals with the definition of disease, the epidemic, the pandemic, and the most important ways to prevent the emerging corona virus and other viruses and diseases, whether the prevention is material and physical, or spiritual and faith based, and Islam’s position on infection, the ruling on medication, and the ruling on ending the life of terminally ill patients – also known as mercy killing.

The book also deals with how to wash, shroud, and bury the dead during the epidemic with fear of infection, the ruling on closing mosques and preventing public prayer as a precaution against infection, and how to perform acts of worship in the time of the epidemic, such as public prayer, Friday sermon, Umrah, Hajj, and other acts of worship. The book also showed the seriousness of spreading rumors, especially in times of crisis and disorder, the rules of verification and investigation in spreading news, the prohibition of monopoly and the exploitation of people’s needs, especially during the time of the epidemic, and many more important details contained in the book.

In addition, the book included a number of stances with the emerging corona virus pandemic, lessons learned from it, and an appendix containing the recommendations of the medical symposium on Corona, which was held by the Academy at the beginning of the pandemic.

Once again, the General Secretariat of the Academy congratulates Dr. Shuaib on the publication of this book and wishes him more success in the future in all his endeavors.

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