Resolution of the 3rd Islamic Summit Conference on the Establishment of the International Islamic Fiqh Academy
22 November، 1984

Resolution No. 8/3-D (U, A)

Resolution of the 3rd Islamic Summit Conference on the Establishment of the International Islamic Fiqh Academy

The 3rd Islamic Jurisprudence Conference (Palestine-Jerusalem Session), held in Makkah Al-Mukarramah, Saudi Arabia, on 19-22 Rabi al-Awal 1401 H (25 to 28 January 1881),

Considering the address of His Majesty King Khaled Bin Abdulaziz, Ruler of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, to the leaders of the Ummah and all Muslims throughout the world, in which he called upon the Ummah its scholars and researchers to commit themselves and mobilize their energies to confront the challenges of contemporary life, its problems, based on Ijtihad and guided by the authentic creed and its eternal principles which are capable of realizing the spiritual and material well-being of humans, at all times and in all places. His Majesty also called for the establishment of a universal academy for islamic jurisprudence that includes Muslim scholars, scientists and intellectuals in order to elaborate original Islamic answers to every question of contemporary life,

Recalling the crucial role of science and thought in the progress of nations and peoples,

Recalling the outstanding civilizational role of Sharia and the Islamic heritage in enriching knowledge and guiding mankind to light and success, and which remains a rich source and a viable basis for advancing human life towards a better future,

His Majesty also emphasized the need for the Islamic Ummah at this historical turning point in its life to an academy where the jurisprudence of its scholars, scholars and leaders converge to provide this Ummah with rulings and gems inspiring from the Book of Allah and the Sunnah of the Prophet,


  • The creation of an academy to be named the International Islamic Fiqh Academy, whose members are scholars, intellectuals, and experts in various fields of knowledge, jurisprudential, cultural, scientific and economic from the Muslim world, to study the contemporary life problems and pursue an original and practical Ijtihad on them to offer solutions based on Islamic heritage and open up to the development of Islamic thought.
  • To entrust the OIC Secretariat General, in consultation with the Muslim World League, to take the necessary steps to establish this academy’s status and submit it to the next Islamic Conference of Foreign Ministers for consideration and adoption.
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