IIFA and the HCR organize an international event on Islamic charitable work
17 February، 2022

In the context of activating the joint cooperation between the International Islamic Fiqh Academy (IIFA) and the United Nations High Commission for Refugees, a joint coordination meeting was held between the two parties on Tuesday 14 Rajab 1443H, corresponding to 15 February 2022G remotely via video communication. This meeting aims to organize an event on Islamic charitable work in cooperation with the United Nations High Commission for Refugees in order to highlight the increasing global importance of Islamic charitable work, and the role of charities, international organizations, and partnerships in strategic and transparent guidance for the disbursement of zakat, alms, Waqfs and others as effective financing tools of Islamic financing. The good management of these tools leads to achieving the greatest possible impact on the lives of the most vulnerable groups in the region and the world, especially refugees and internally displaced communities.

The Academy was represented in the meeting by Mr. Mohammed Walid Al-Idrissi, Director of Media and Public Relations Department, Ms. Sarah Badewi, Director of Family and Women’s Affairs Department, and Mr. Mourad TLiLi, Media and Public Relations Advisor to the Secretary General.

It should be noted that the two parties agreed to hold the symposium in Jeddah at the end of March 2022, in the presence of many jurisprudential and religious institutions in the Islamic world, as well as Islamic institutions, funds and banks active in the field of zakat and humanitarian charitable work from all over the world, and a group of prominent scholars, thinkers, media professionals and activists in the field of charitable work.

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