99th Weekly Meeting of Department Directors
29 November، 2022

His Excellency the Secretary General of the International Islamic Fiqh Academy (IIFA), Prof. Koutoub Moustapha Sano, chaired the ninety-ninth weekly meeting of the departments, on Monday 04 Jumada Al-Awwal 1444H corresponding to 28 November 2022G, at the headquarters of the Academy’s General Secretariat in Jeddah.

At the outset of the meeting, His Excellency welcomed the attendees, and thanked them for participating in the meeting, indicating that this meeting, and the upcoming meetings, will be joint between departments and divisions to follow up on the progress of work on the preparations for the twenty-fifth session of the Academy. Then, His Excellency spoke about his participation in the second scientific conference of the Faculty of Islamic Studies at the University of Mohamed bin Zayed for Human Sciences, entitled “Islamic Studies in Universities: Towards Promoting the Values ​​of Citizenship and Coexistence,” in which he participated with a lecture entitled “Islamic Studies and Modernizing the Religious teachings.” His Excellency also extended his thanks and appreciation to the leadership of the university for organizing and holding this important conference and for the good choice of its title, praising the major scientific achievements achieved by this promising university in a record period since its establishment, wishing it more brilliance and success, and the United Arab Emirates, leadership and people, more progress, prosperity and continuous security and safety.

Based on the values ​​of the Academy that call for cooperation, integration, solidarity, synergy and support among the employees and helping each other in order to achieve the desired results by completing the activities and programs, His Excellency urged everyone to cooperate between departments and divisions with the aim of making the twenty-fifth session a success, which will be held for the first time under the preparation and full supervision of the General Secretariat of the Academy.

Then the meeting discussed the items of the decisions issued by the previous meeting, and several new decisions were issued, the most important of which are:

  • Updating the list of participants in the session and classifying them according to members, experts, and companions separately in English according to passports, while ensuring that members’ passports are completed in preparation for sending them in their final form to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Displaying samples of the gifts proposed by the Gifting Committee to be presented to the guests of the twenty-fifth session for discussion.
  • Organizing a professional training course for employees specialized in photography with the aim of developing capabilities in the shortest possible time to benefit from it in documenting the work of the session and the rest of the activities of the Academy.
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