125th Weekly Meeting of Departments
24 March، 2024

The International Islamic Fiqh Academy held its 125th meeting of the departments on Sunday 14 Ramadan 1445, corresponding to 24 March 2024, at the headquarters of the Secretariat General in Jeddah.

The meeting was chaired by H.E. Prof. Koutoub Moustapha Sano, Secretary General of the Academy, who greeted the attendees, then spoke about his upcoming visit to the Kingdom of Morocco to participate in the Hassania Lectures, which are held annually in the blessed month of Ramadan. He will meet with several officials to discuss having the Academy’s future session in Morocco, which was postponed due to the earthquake that hit Morocco last year. He will also meet several Moroccan scholars to consult on some issues, including studying the draft cooperation agreement with Morocco’s Supreme Scientific Council.

Moreover, His Excellency reminded everyone of the value of time and the importance of preserving it in work. He warned against wasting it in irresponsible actions that were far from the Academy’s objectives and activities. He also warned everyone against not adhering to this value so that time is not wasted in the Academy in futile ways.

The meeting reviewed previous decisions and issued new ones, notably:

  • Communicating with MWL’s Media Department to benefit from their experience producing a documentary film about the Academy.
  • Typesetting the upcoming Cultured Meat Symposium research papers.
  • Typesetting the research papers for the upcoming symposium on the Role of Religious Leaders in combating Violence against Women.



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