22nd Monthly Meeting of the Academy’s Personnel
8 August، 2022

The Secretary General of the Academy, H.E. Prof. Koutoub Sano, chaired the twenty-second monthly meeting of the Academy’s personnel on Sunday, 09 Muharam 1444 corresponding to 07 August 2022, at the Academy’s headquarters in Jeddah.

At the meeting’s opening, His Excellency welcomed the participants, recalling that this meeting is dedicated to dialogue and consultation and that it should be an opportunity for self-criticism, problem solving, suggestions and discussion of issues of interest to the Academy in a free and transparent manner. He then referred to the final preparations for the 25th Session, and emphasized the importance of the cooperation agreements and memoranda concluded by the Academy with a number of institutions within and outside the OIC Member States, while welcoming the good results that have been achieved, as a number of these institutions and centers have nominated qualified scholars and researchers to participate in the research of the forthcoming session. His Excellency also informed the participants of Al-Azhar University’s approval to sign a cooperation protocol with the Academy.

His Excellency listened to the opinions and suggestions on the preparations for the twenty-fifth session. The meeting issued the following decisions:

  • To ensure that the research standards are strictly adhered to, to return to researchers the articles; which are overtly long; in order to modify them in a reasonable length.
  • Update information on the number of the received research articles as well as their authors’ personal data based on their latest passports, etc.
  • Create an email for receiving research, or a link to communicate with session participants, other than the main email.
  • The Gift Committee should come up with new ideas for the gift basket that will be distributed to the next session’s participants as well as to guests and visitors to the Academy’s headquarters.
  • Renew the flags of Member states, that are over a year old.
  • Begin preparations for the twenty-sixth session of the Academy, identifying topics to be discussed at that session.
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