87th Weekly Meeting of the Academy’s Departments
11 August، 2022

Under the chairmanship of the IIFA Secretary General, Prof. Koutoub Moustapha Sano, the eighty-seventh weekly meeting of the Academy’s departments was held on Monday 10 Muharam 1444, corresponding to 08 August 2022, at the Academy’s headquarters in Jeddah.

His Excellency talked about the need to follow up the next session’s research and to submit a detailed report on the number of research papers that conform to the themes and that have been edited, according to each topic of the session. His Excellency gave instructions to prepare a list of presenters who have been approved for the next session, and to start sending them their research papers and to set a deadline for receiving their final presentations.

His Excellency also spoke about the smooth running of the Academy’s financial transactions, which have become easier thanks to the improvement of Academy’s electronic transactions which have saved it more time and effort in obtaining its financial rights and protecting its staff. His Excellency instructed the Finance Committee to draft the estimated budget of the total cost of the twenty-fifth session.

The meeting reviewed the previous meeting’s decisions and issued new decisions, notably:

  • Publishing the OIC Secretary General’s speech delivered at the last Bureau meeting on the Academy’s website.
  • Contacting tourist and airline companies to obtain the estimated cost of tickets for the participants at the next session, with a detailed report on the same.
  • Contacting researchers who have not sent photos of their passports to expedite this matter.
  • Collecting the topics carried over from previous sessions of the Academy for further study, and to prepare the list of topics for the twenty-sixth session, as well contacting Academy members and experts to suggest new topics for the twenty-sixth session.


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