Mourning Dr. Ahmed Rajaei Aljundi, a physician among theologians
4 April، 2024

{Every soul will taste death. Then to Us will you be returned. * And those who have believed and done righteous deeds – We will surely assign to them of Paradise [elevated] chambers beneath which rivers flow, wherein they abide eternally. Excellent is the reward of the [righteous] workers * Who have been patient and upon their Lord rely.} Al-Ankabut, the Spider, 57-59.

It is with great sadness that the Secretariat General of the International Islamic Fiqh Academy (IIFA) received the news of the passing of honorable physician scholar, Dr. Ahmed Rajaei Aljundi, former member of the Academy, on Wednesday 24 Ramadan 1445, corresponding to 3 April 2024.

After a long and blessed life serving his religion and Ummah with sincerity and dedication, most notably Islamic jurisprudence through the Islamic Organization for Medical Sciences and the International Islamic Fiqh Academy for many decades, Dr. Ahmed Rajaei Aljundi, former member of the Academy, joined the Final Abode.

His Eminence was one of those brilliant contemporary physicians whom the International Islamic Fiqh Academy sought for assistance in medical issues and developments that were presented at the Academy’s sessions to render their Shariah rulings.

His Eminence spent his life working alongside religious scholars and theologians to help them understand the facts and details of medical issues and advances, with his calm demeanor and fine manners. During the Academy’s sessions, scholars and experts appreciated his analysis of medical developments and related issues, as well as the way he simplified and explained medical terminology, which had a great impact on the Academy’s resolutions relating to medical issues and developments.

The International Islamic Fiqh Academy (IIFA), its presidency, Secretariat General and staff, present their sincere condolences and heartfelt sympathy to the family of the deceased, his relatives and beloved, praying Allah to shower him with His mercy, pardon him and welcome him in the Paradise with the prophets, the truthful, the martyrs, the virtuous and good companions.

To Allah we belong and to Him we shall return.

Prof. Koutoub Moustapha Sano

Secretary General of the International Islamic Fiqh Academy

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