Secretary General Greets King Mohammed VI at Hassanian Lectures
1 April، 2024

At the kind invitation of the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs in the Kingdom of Morocco, H.E. Prof. Koutoub Moustapha Sano, Secretary General of the Academy, participated in the Hassanian Lectures organized by the Ministry between 15-21 Ramadan 1445 corresponding to 24-31 March 2024 His Excellency attended the fourth lesson delivered by Sheikh Khumar El-Bakkali, a member of the Moroccan Scientific Council in Europe, entitled “Sharia Foundations for Building Patterns of Human Coexistence” on Thursday 18 Ramadan, corresponding to 28 March 2024.

The lecturer spoke about the importance and necessity of coexistence as “the weaving of relations between all groups of society so that they are based on harmony and respect in accordance with the interests of individuals and groups in matters of life, and pointed out that in this era an appropriate concept of common citizenship that was coined implies respect for cultural, religious and ethnic specificity, and explained that the coexistence called for by rational people is the coexistence which “departs from the common mutual determination for cooperation that serves humanity as a whole, clarifying that humans throughout general or shared history have witnessed that the greater good lie within coexistence, and that personal benefits and selfishness have caused nothing but discord and injustices” As for areas of coexistence, he stressed that it also “includes international relations, the basis of which is peace and good treatment, and in public relations, which are represented in the treatment of the patients at health facilities, employment and working in what is not haram.”

He pointed out that ‘the areas of agreement and cooperation with different people are much wider than those who do not read the texts of Sharia and do not know its purposes and objectives, and who think that they prevent any convergence with others.’ He also spoke about the criteria for coexistence, stressing that “Coexistence is required and has such wide areas, it has principles that Muslims should be concerned with, highlighting that Islam not only recognizes coexistence, but establishes it and calls for it, and to prevent it from becoming vain and decadent and becoming fluid and dysfunctional, it has set controls that must be observed,” the most important of which are: “Coexistence should not lead to violating one of the categorical principles of belief; it should not lead to violating one of the obligatory acts of worship based on categorical evidence that cannot be interpreted; it should not lead to the permissibility of falling into well-known taboos such as the use of abominations. Coexistence should not lead to violating explicit religious texts and unanimous consensus among Muslims at all times and ages.

At the end of the lecture, H.E. Prof. Koutoub Moustapha Sano, Secretary General of the Academy, offered his greetings to His Majesty, expressing his honor to meet Him and praying for his continued success and health. He also extended his praise and gratitude to His Majesty for honoring scholars and intellectuals from all over the world and presiding over the prestigious Hassanian Lecture every year; he also expressed his pleasure and satisfaction for the development and progress the Kingdom is witnessing at all levels.

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