International Relations and Conventions of Islamic States

In the Name of Allāh,

the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful

Praise is due to Allāh, Lord of the worlds, may the blessings and peace be upon our master Muḥammad, the last of prophets, on his family, and all his companions.

Resolution No. 160 (9/17)

International Relations and Conventions of Islamic States

The Council of the International Islamic Fiqh Academy of the Organization of the Islamic Conference, holding its 17th session in Amman, Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, on 28 Jumādā al-Ūlā – 2 Jumādā al-Ākhirah 1427h (24–28 June 2006), Having examined the research papers submitted to the Academy concerning

International Relations and Conventions of Islamic States, Having listened to the discussions on the subject,


First: The relationship between the Muslim countries and the rest of the world is based on peace, rejection of war, mutual respect, and cooperation for achieving the common interest of humankind within the framework of the rules and principles of the Shariah.

Second: An Islamic state does not feel enmity against any other state for the mere sake of having a different religion. The Islamic state feels hostility only against those who initiate aggression against it or provoke degradation towards its sacred symbols and places. In Islam, war is the last means to be resorted to for self-defence and resistance to aggression.

Third: There is an acute necessity for cooperation and complementarity between Muslim countries in all areas, including the inception of a common Islamic market, the establishment of free trade zones and signing of joint agree- ments in the various areas of international common interest.

Fourth: There is no Shariah restriction against joining international accords which achieve Muslims’ interests in the various fields, as long as such accords do not contradict with the rules and principles of Islam or entail hegemony of any external power over the parties of the accord or other countries in the world.


  1. The Academy calls upon universities and research centers in the different parts of the Arab and Muslim worlds to assign much importance to the studies which explicate the Islamic principles of international relations

and the rights of non-Muslims in Islamic societies.

  1. The Academy also calls upon Muslim countries to include suitable experts of Islamic culture within their delegations to intellectual and cultural international conferences to present the standpoint of Islam regarding the discussed issues.

Indeed, Allāh is All-Knowing.

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