Dr. Mohammed Mustafa Shuaib represents IIFA at the meeting of the Accreditation Board of CIBAFI
8 December، 2021

His Eminence Dr. Mohammed Mustafa Shuaib, Head of Studies and Fatwas Division at the International Islamic Fiqh Academy (IIFA), representing His Excellency the Secretary General of the Academy, participated in the seventeenth meeting of the Accreditation Board of the General Council of Islamic Banks and Financial Institutions on Wednesday 04 Jumada al-Ula 1443H corresponding to 08 December 2021G via Zoom technology.

The meeting began with the adoption of the agenda for discussion and deliberation, and the approval of the minutes of the previous sixteenth meeting, then the Secretary General submitted a report on the activity of the General Council during the last period.

After deliberations and discussions, the attendees stressed the need to follow up on the decisions and recommendations of the members of the Accreditation Board, and to approve the Shariah audit portfolios (first and second levels), with a commitment to applying and fully implementing the observations received on them.

The meeting was attended by Dr. Abdelilah Belatik, Secretary General of CIBAFI, Dr. Faisal Al-Atbani from the Islamic Economics Institute affiliated with King Abdulaziz University, Dr. Akram Laal El-Din, from the International Shari’ah Research Academy in Malaysia (ISRA), and Dr. Riyad Al-Hindawi from the Institute of Banking Studies in Jordan, And Dr. Muhammad Boris, and others.

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