His Eminence Dr. Mohammad Mustafa Shuaib represents IIFA in the Islamic Investment Funds Symposium
26 January، 2022

His Eminence Dr. Mohammad Mustafa Shuaib, Supervisor of the Observatory of Fatwas and Reviews at the International Islamic Fiqh Academy (IIFA), representing the Secretary General, participated in the symposium held by the General Council for Islamic Banks and Financial Institutions (CIBAFI) in Bahrain, under the title “Islamic Investment Funds: Trends, Challenges and Opportunities” on Wednesday 23 Jumada al-Akhirah 1443H, corresponding to 26 January 2022G, virtually through Zoom technology.

The symposium dealt with the participation of Islamic financial institutions in the global Islamic investment fund market, and what is related to those participations, their size, effects, and the factors affecting them positively and negatively. The symposium also dealt with the importance of raising awareness about Islamic investment funds and understanding the developments and stages they are going through, which helps in providing innovative products for managing these funds.

During the symposium, the Council’s special report on “Islamic investment funds: trends, challenges and opportunities” was also launched, a report that provides a broad analysis of the new horizons, challenges and obstacles faced by Islamic financial institutions in the way of the growth and prosperity of these funds at the regional and global levels.

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