His Eminence Dr. Abdullah Idris Abu Bakr Mega
7 August، 2021

Born in 1950 in Niger, H.E. Dr. Abdullah Idris Abu Bakr Mega began his basic education by learning the Noble Qur’an and the principles of Islamic sciences from the village katatib (traditional schools), and then studied under Sheikhs and their circles in Niamey between 1957 and 1971. His Eminence obtained a certificate of secondary studies in 1974 and enrolled at the Islamic High School of the Islamic University of Madinah in 1977, until obtaining a bachelor’s from the Faculty of Sharia in 1981 and a master’s in Islamic Jurisprudence in 1985 from the same university. In 1992, His Eminence earned a state doctorate from the Faculty of Letters and Humanities’ Islamic Studies Department at Mohammed V University in Morocco. His Eminence has held significant positions at local and international levels, as a member of the National Preparatory Committee for Establishing the Islamic University of Niger, faculty member and head of the Faculty of Islamic Studies and Arabic language, lecturer at the Faculty of Sharia and Islamic Studies, Vice-Dean of the College of Sharia and Islamic Studies, Vice-Rector, at the Islamic University of Niger respectively, as well as Imam-Khatib of the Prince Sultan Cultural Centre Mosque in Niamey. His Eminence has participated in numerous symposiums and conferences. As a member of the Council of the International Islamic Fiqh Academy, H.E. Dr. Abdullah Idris Abu Bakr Mega has represented the Republic of Niger since March 14, 2017.


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