IIFA Secretary General participates in a Global Conference in Kuwait on Sexually Transmitted Diseases: Risks and Prevention
17 January، 2023

At the kind invitation of the Islamic Organization for Medical Sciences (IOMS) in Kuwait, His Excellency Prof. Koutoub Moustapha Sano, Secretary General of the International Islamic Fiqh Academy (IIFA), participated in the international conference organized by the IOMS, entitled: Sexually Transmitted Diseases, a Renewing Epidemic – Risks and Prevention from an Islamic Health Perspective, on Sunday 22 Jumada II 1444H, corresponding to 15 January 2023G, in Kuwait City.

In his intervention at the first session of the conference, His Excellency expressed his sincere thanks and great appreciation to the State of Kuwait, its leadership and people, for the support and care to the Academy. He also expressed his thanks to the IOMS for its tireless work in enhancing the Ummah’s awareness of everything it needs in terms of prevention and protection against diseases and epidemics, then he said: “If the world breathes a sigh of relief from the receding of a cosmic pandemic that has destroyed offspring, wealth and businesses, and sowed terror, fear and panic everywhere, and if we have all learned through the years of its arrival and its spread around the world the importance of prevention and protection from the scourge of pandemics and the dangers of epidemics, we think that IOMS was successful in choosing the topic of our conference, considering that it is one of the most important topics of the hour that needs to enhance public and private awareness of the dangers that arise from these diseases that threaten the individual and society, and destructive to the human race. Sexually transmitted diseases were and still are among the afflictions that do not differentiate between a man and a woman, nor between young and old, and fetuses in their mothers’ wombs have not and will not be safe from them unless they take the reasons that we commanded to take into account in His saying, the Most High: (( and he took by the reasons)), and the words of the Prophet, prayers and peace be upon him: “Take your precautions then place your trust in God”, and his saying: “Flee from the leper as you flee from the lion”.

There is no greater and more worthy cause than joining efforts, integrating steps, and exchanging experiences in order to provide the best and most effective treatment for those afflicted by it on the one hand, and in order to take preventive measures to protect those who are in contact with them, including spouses and children.

If self-preservation, progeny, honor, and lineage are all among the necessary interests that are necessary for the establishment of the interests of religion and the world, as Imam Al-Shatibi said, may God have mercy on him, so that if they are lost, the interests of the world will not lead to righteousness, but rather to corruption and loss of salvation in the day of judgement. And if these interests are maintained, their realization today depends on taking all means of prevention through the necessary examinations for all those wishing to marry, and through periodic examinations to protect the fetuses and their mothers from these diseases. In addition to this, the time has come to move away from what some people have been doing, in terms of the automatic link between contracting these diseases and committing immorality, because it is absolutely proven that not everyone who is infected with them commits immorality, or is involved in a sinful one. Some fetuses, infants, pregnant women and innocent people are afflicted with it, and they did not commit an indecency, or a sinful act. They should not bear the burden of others, nor to be punished for the crime of others!!

Therefore, there is a need today for a radical change in the discourse that insists on the absolute link between these diseases and committing sins. Instead, they should promote the awareness of those afflicted that they are diseases that can affect any person, regardless of whether he has committed sin. This awareness would encourage those afflicted to disclose their diseases and to search for a cure for them in peace and safety.

It is stated in our honorable Shariah that both disease and health are tests from God Almighty, and therefore, the sick, whatever the cause of their illnesses, must seek and search for treatment, and repent, seek forgiveness, and disavow all that God has forbidden of immorality and evil. As for the healthy, their duty towards this divine test is to preserve their health by avoiding everything that harms it.

However, this does not in any way preclude the call to stay away from immoralities, whether apparent or concealed, and adherence to chastity and purity in order to preserve oneself, offspring, lineage, honor, and religion. He concluded his speech, which was highly appreciated by the attendants, by praying for those afflicted with these diseases for a speedy recovery, and for the continued blessing of wellness for those who did not suffer from it.

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