Secretary General calls on Muslim countries to comply with SMIIC resolutions
2 November، 2023

Following an invitation from the Standards and Metrology Institute for Islamic Countries (SMIIC) of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), H.E. Prof. Koutoub Moustapha Sano, Secretary General of the Academy, delivered a speech at the opening session of the 18th SMIIC General Assembly Meeting, held in Makkah, on Wednesday 17 Rabi’ Al-Akhir 1445, corresponding to 01 November 2023.

At the start of his speech, His Excellency said: “Allow me to express my thanks and gratitude to the government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, as well as to this blessed city and its generous people, for the generous organization of this conference. I also thank the Crown Prince for his follow-through and willingness to ensure that these meetings are attended. We also extend our thanks and appreciation to the Member states of the OIC”.

His Excellency highlighted the Academy’s contributions, including that which led to the creation of the SMIIC, recalling the audience that “a quarter of a century ago, the International Islamic Fiqh Academy called for the creation of an institution tasked with monitoring, supervision and coordination between OIC member states, as an institution to supervise and monitor the various industries such as meat, medicine, food, drink and clothing that a Muslim needs wherever he or she lives and travels, so that he or she might be conscious of the food, drink, clothing and medicine he takes. Today, this institute has become a reality – thanks to Allah – and the Academy is proud of this institution that can carry out this important task that concerns every Muslim”.

Accordingly, His Excellency launched an appeal to Muslim countries and communities: “Now that the SMIIC has become a reality both in force and in action, we launch another appeal, like the one we launched a quarter of a century ago, this appeal is an invitation to Muslim countries to adhere to these standards, specifications and criteria that SMIIC has established. This institute has become the reference for Muslim countries in matters relating to their consumption, including food products, beverages, medicines and halal issues, these specifications and standards are of no use if they remain ink on paper”.

His Excellency then spoke about the definition of the Ummah’s unity, explaining: “It is quite possible that these criteria will be applied in all Muslim countries. It is quite possible that these criteria and standards will be unified and that we will become the united Ummah, just as the Qur’an described it: ‘Indeed, this Nation of yours is one Nation, and I am your Lord, so serve Me’. This desired unity should manifest itself in feelings, rites and thoughts, as well as in every action we undertake. We don’t want this unity to be merely theoretical, or not to exist in our practices, rites, clothing, food and medicine. We want this unity to manifest itself in its most beautiful form. Indeed, it is the Ummah that must achieve this unity, for it cannot ‘be realized with a magician’s wand or a priest’s dance’. We must establish it and work towards it, starting with our commitment to these norms and resolutions.”

His Excellency concluded his speech by expressing his aspiration that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, during its presidency of the current session, will encourage Muslim countries to commit to and adhere to the standards and resolutions issued by the SMIIC, reiterating “Our concern and enthusiasm are very strong that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s presidency of the SMIIC Governing Council will witness a qualitative leap in the commitment of our countries and institutions to what is permitted and what is prohibited in this field”.

At the end of his speech, His Excellency thanked the conference’s organizers, praying to Allah to grant them success in their efforts, and also for our brethren in occupied Palestine to lift the calamities from them, to help them against their enemy, to accept the martyrs and heal the wounded; for Allah is the All-Capable and the All-Mighty.

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