IIFA and Maldives’ Ministry of Islamic Affairs sign an MoC
14 January، 2024

Aiming to enhance cooperation and partnership between IIFA and official institutions in OIC’s Member States, and to implement IIFA’s objectives, which call for rejecting fanaticism and sectarianism in religion by spreading moderation and tolerance among the followers of different Muslim schools and sects, H.E. Prof. Koutoub Moustapha Sano, Secretary General of the Academy, and H.E. Dr. Muhammad Shaheem Ali Saeed, Minister of Islamic Affairs of the Republic of Maldives, signed an MoC on Sunday 2 Rajab, 1445, corresponding to 14 January 2024, at IIFA’s headquarters in Jeddah.

This agreement came to strengthen cooperation in common areas, particularly in disseminating Islamic knowledge and culture and preserving the Islamic heritage, by monitoring the most important intellectual, social, economic and cultural challenges to express a legitimate opinion on them and provide appropriate solutions. The agreement also aims to jointly organize conferences, seminars, workshops and training courses, exchange publications, and mutually represent the two parties at joint conferences and seminars of common interests.

Following the signing of the agreement, the Secretary General of IIFA expressed his pleasure at concluding this agreement, demonstrating the great respect that the OIC Member States have for IIFA. He also expressed his great appreciation for the Republic of Maldives to disseminate the moderate approach and promote the culture of tolerance and coexistence among religions and peoples and welcomed the Maldives’ continued support for the Academy. He also expressed his hope that this agreement would begin a new phase in deepening cooperation between IIFA and the Maldives in addressing contemporary issues based on the Islamic spirit of brotherhood and bridges-building.

For his part, His Excellency the Minister expressed his happiness after this agreement, which will pave the way for his Ministry to make use of the Academy’s enormous capacities and expertise, which will directly benefit the Ministry in science, research and training. His Excellency added that he welcomed the IIFA’s assistance to Maldivian academics by organizing joint specialized seminars with the Academy, the themes of which revolve around moderation, combating extremist ideology, rejecting extremism and fanaticism, and promoting a culture of moderation, tolerance, and openness in society.

Under the terms of the memorandum, the two parties have agreed to form a specialized committee to determine the aspects of cooperation between them, as well as the methods and mechanisms for implementation in accordance with the vision contained in the memorandum.

The signing ceremony was attended by H.E. Mr Ali Ihsan, Undersecretary for Islamic Affairs, Mr Mohamed Rameez, First Secretary of the Maldives Consulate in Jeddah, Mr Ahmed Ressam, Political Director and Secretary to His Excellency the Minister, Sojo Hameed Edikam, Head of Islamic Affairs at the Ministry, Mr Mohamed Chouk, Director of Protocols, Dr. Abdulfatah Abnaouf, Director of Planning and International Cooperation, Mr. Mohamed Walid Al-Idrissi, Director of Media and Public Relations, and Mrs. Sarah Amjad Bedewi, Director of Family and Women’s Affairs.

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