IIFA signs MoU with Islamic Council of Singapore
2 February، 2024

The International Islamic Fiqh Academy and the Singapore Islamic Council signed an MoU on Thursday 10 Rajab 1445, corresponding to 1 February 2024. The signing ceremony brought together H.E. Prof. Koutoub Moustapha Sano, Secretary General of the International Islamic Fiqh Academy, and H.E. Mr. Kader Mohiuddin, Executive Director of the Singapore Islamic Council, with the presence of H.E. Mr. Masagos Zulkifli, Minister of Social Development and Minister in charge of Islamic Affairs in Singapore.

This MoU came to reflect IIFA’s efforts to strengthen relations with fatwa authorities, fiqh academies and Islamic councils in the Muslim world and beyond in order to avoid contradictory and conflicting opinions on the same issues, and to provide intellectual and scientific support to Muslim communities outside the Muslim world in a way that preserves the values of Islam, its culture and traditions, while maintaining their Islamic identity, while complying with the requirements of citizenship and residence in non-Muslim societies.

After the MoU was signed, the Secretary General expressed his delight, stating, “I am profoundly pleased to formalize this agreement with the esteemed Singapore Islamic Council, which capably oversees Islamic affairs and the Muslim community in the Republic of Singapore. It serves as a vital link between the state and its Muslim population, distinguished by its efficiency, professionalism, and remarkable ability to promote harmony and unity within society. The IIFA stands fully prepared to offer comprehensive intellectual and scientific support to the Council, particularly in the areas of research, studies, conferences, and seminars.”

In response, the Executive Director of the Singapore Islamic Council expressed immense pride in signing this MoU with the Academy, representing one of the foremost contemporary authorities in jurisprudence. The Academy’s resolutions and recommendations hold global respect and admiration. He expressed hopes that this agreement would mark the beginning of extensive cooperation and a lasting partnership between the two institutions, focusing on research in fatwa and the examination of contemporary issues, as well as the optimal utilization of the Academy’s resolutions and recommendations on various issues and questions.

The primary objectives of the MoU include bolstering collaboration between the two institutions in the realm of fatwa research and contemporary issues, facilitating exchange visits, promoting scientific publications, and jointly organizing seminars and conferences on Sharia-related topics and questions. Additionally, the MoU aims to promote the principles of moderation, tolerance, coexistence, and openness.

The signing ceremony attracted participants from an international conference on Contemporary Fatwa organized by the Singapore Islamic Council. Accompanying His Excellency at the ceremony were Ms. Sarah Amjad Bedewi, Director of Family, Women, and Children Affairs and Supervisor of his Office, Dr. Hajj Manta Drameh, Head of International Cooperation and External Relations.

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