IIFA the High Board of Religious Affairs of Turkey sign a memorandum of cooperation in Jeddah
30 June، 2022

Within the framework of strengthening relations of cooperation and partnership between the International Islamic Fiqh Academy (IIFA) and many official institutions in the member states of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), and based on the goals of the Academy, which provides for building bridges of cooperation and coordination with institutions of contemporary collective jurisprudence from the Supreme Councils for Islamic Affairs and Fatwa bodies, with the aim of coordinating with these institutions to provide effective solutions to the problems of contemporary life, and to make genuine Ijtihad in the successive calamities and developments, His Excellency Prof. Koutoub Moustapha Sano, Secretary General of the Academy, signed with Prof. Abdurrahman Hackali, President of the High Board of Religious Affairs of the Republic of Turkey, a memorandum of cooperation on Wednesday 30 Dhu al-Qi’dah 1443H corresponding to 29 June 2022G.

This agreement aims to build a strategic partnership in the field of supporting the scientific and research abilities and capabilities of the two institutions, and to benefit from the publications issued by each institution. The memorandum also aims to enhance cooperation and communication in the areas of joint organization of conferences and seminars and the holding of workshops, and to represent the two parties in the conferences and seminars that are held with the knowledge of each of them in the field of common interest between them.

After signing the agreement, His Excellency the Secretary General of the Academy stated: “We look forward with hope and optimism that this memorandum will be the beginning of a new phase of strong and fruitful cooperation relations between the Academy, as the supreme jurisprudential authority of the Muslim Ummah, and the High Board of Religious Affairs in Turkey, as the reference for fatwas in the Republic of Turkey, with the aim of coordinating efforts and providing appropriate solutions to the problems and calamities of contemporary life, and to all issues of concern to Muslims in Turkey. The Academy will provide all scientific and intellectual support to the High Board of Religious Affairs to enable it to carry out its mission, promote moderation, and spread the culture of moderation, tolerance and coexistence in the Republic of Turkey and its surrounding regions”.

For his part, His Excellency the President of the High Board commented: “We are pleased today to meet His Excellency Professor Sano, the Secretary General of the Academy, and I am honored to sign a cooperation agreement between our institution and the Academy, this great Islamic scientific edifice. While we are proud and honored of this historic achievement, we look forward with pleasure to a bright future of continuous cooperation and coordination on all issues and topics of interest to both sides. We also look forward with great enthusiasm to the participation of Turkish researchers in the Academy’s Sessions and pioneering scientific conferences to gain expertise and achieve the desired scientific benefits.”

In implementation of the terms of the memorandum, the two parties agreed to form a specialized committee to determine the aspects of cooperation between them, and the ways and mechanisms of implementation as envisaged in the memorandum itself.

The signing ceremony was attended from the Turkish side by Dr. Mustafa Bulent Dadas, member of the High Board, Prof. Dr. Haji Muhammed Konay, Professor of Islamic Thought at Sakarya University in Turkey and member of the High Board, Dr. Mustafa Jakir, economist in the High Board, and Mr. Yunus Acar, Attaché for Religious Affairs at the Turkish Consulate in Jeddah. On the side of the Academy, Mr. Mohammed Walid Al-Idrissi, Director of Media Affairs and Public Relations, and Mr. Mourad TLiLi, Advisor to the Secretary General of the Academy for Media Affairs.

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